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From its humble beginnings as a Spanish fort to its evolution into a gold rush town to its present day status as a tech hub, San Francisco has always been an evolving city.

As the city continues to feel the pressure of growth, displacing old tenants and finding new areas for businesses to expand, the traditional boundaries of San Francisco's districts find themselves moving.
As the landscape of the city evolves, real estate agents turn to new names to entice renters to move into up-and-coming neighborhoods.

The area on Polk Street, nestled between the Tenderloin and Nob hill, now bustling with hip new bars & restaurants, is no longer the Tenderloin but the Tendernob. A small section of SOMA, with its abundance of new high rises, has become Yerba Buena. And Western Addition, traditionally a name for the projects, has been monikered Nopa.

While the argument over whether it's productive or harmful to rename districts is still being fought, one thing remains clear, the growth of new business in these areas is here to stay.

One of newest areas of business growth in the city is the area where the Mission meets Potrero Hill, a place realtors and craiglist renters are calling Mission Gulch. The gulch spans roughly from Harrison to Potrero. Between it lies an abundance of new bars, restaurants, art galleries and shops.

Here is our guide to one of our up-and-coming districts. We'll call it Mission Gulch for the moment, at least until time, gentrification and realtors decide to change it.

Your guide to not-Mission and not-Potrero, Mission Gulch.

Coffee Shops

Progressive Grounds
2301 Bryant St.
A quaint hole in the wall, Progressive Grounds was one of the first coffee shops to establish themselves on the Mission/Potrero Hill border. Simpler and less pretentious then its newer competition yet still unique enough to be an excellent neighborhood cafe, Progressive Grounds remains the place to grab a bagel and coffee on a rainy day.

Atlas Cafe
3049 20th Street
Atlas Cafe remains a popular and bustling gem. With delicious food, ample seating for laptops and a beautiful patio area, one can see why Atlas is able to hold its own against stiff competition. Be sure to check out their free live music on thursday nights.

Blue Bottle @ Heath Ceramics
2900 18th St.
A San Francisco staple, Blue Bottle Coffee finds itself another home in Mission Gulch. Located in the cute Heath Ceramics Factory, one the best perks about this location is its short wait time for excellent drinks. We're thankful we don't have to wait in the 30 person line at the Ferry Building to get our New Orleans Iced Coffee fix.

Coffee Bar
1890 Bryant St.
The best place in town to get shit done, Coffee Bar is an excellent place to set up your laptop and bunker down with a latte and Cuban sandwich. With free wifi, plenty of outlets and an abundance of awesome fare, it's no surprise that Coffee Bar is a hit with young professionals.

3014 20th Street
The newest coffee shop to hit the area, Sightglass is home to some of the best coffee in the city. Poised just across the street from Atlas Cafe, Sightglass' excellent selection of coffee and pastries make it welcome even in an area over-saturated with coffee shops. Its vibe is even a bit more hipstery than its competition (if one can even say that) but it's hard to claim that the atmosphere isn't cool and inviting. Be sure to try their iced vanilla toddy (no alcohol involved) and their blueberry jam croissant.

2727 Mariposa St.
Yes there really is a Starbucks in this neighborhood. Aren't we in America? There's always a Starbucks in our neighborhood. While the drink line up is all too familiar, this particular location sets itself apart with its ample tables to work at and couches to lie on.


Trick Dog
3010 20th Street
Recently named by Thrillist as one of the top 33 bars in America, Trick Dog is time and again one of our favorite cocktail bars in the city. Get here early and enjoy a seat up in the balcony for their excellent dinner menu. The only downside about a bar like this is perhaps its popularity. One should get here early before the bouncers stop letting people in the door. We'd like to mention that we liked this place before it was cool. Wait, did we just say that? We did. Haters hate.

Southern Pacific Brewing

Situated within a cavernous warehouse, Southern Pacific boasts a great selection of 21 beers on tap. Their food is to die for as well. Their new take on traditional pub food has lead to creations such Coconut Fried Chicken Wings and Pale Ale Pork Sausage Pizza. Is there anything better than a giant building filled with beer and good food?


Flour + Water
2401 Harrison St.
Once upon a time a man named Steve Jobs was turned away from Flour + Water because he didn't have a reservation. From that moment on a reputation was born that pushed Flour + Water into the exclusive cool kids club. Unlike other places that are all hype, Flour + Water has an excellent selection of food that solidifies its place in SF foodie lore.

3000 20th St.
House-made charcuterie and delicious sandwiches filled with meat on top of meat. This high end deli establishment turns out the finest Salami in the bay.

Central Kitchen
3000 20th St.
From the dudes who brought you Flour + Water and Salumeria comes Central Kitchen. These guys basically rule the two block radius their establishments sit on. Come here on a night you're craving good food and a bougie atmosphere or when Flour + Water denies you a table.

Other Highlights

Southern Exposure Art Gallery
3030 20th St.
Just around the corner from the hippest block in town is Southern Exposure Gallery. Open Tuesday through Saturday, the non profit provides visual artists with the tools and space to expose their work to new audiences. Best of all, it's also home to a one on one mentorship for San Francisco's youth artists.

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Photo Courtesy SFgate


Atlas Cafe - San Francisco, CA


Chai and writing at Atlas Cafe


Nothing like a good book and soup at Atlas Cafe


Atlas Cafe

Pic by @mdoucleff

Sidewalk seating at Atlas


Blue Bottle Coffee

Pic by @miffilove

Blue Bottle Coffee


The Blue Bottle Signiture Latte

Pic by @debraszidon

Blue Bottle @ Heaths Ceramics

Pic by @dlnnyc64

Blue Bottle Patrons

Pic by @kelly_waters

Heaths Ceramics


Coffee Bar

Pic by @letote

The patio at Coffee Bar

Pic by @mattbloomers

A latte and a smile at Coffee Bar

Pic by @daejinahn

Sightglass Cafe


Sight Glass Coffee

Pic by @darylshook

Sightglass on the corner of Hipster and Yuppie St.


Trick Dog

Pic by @fox_zilla

The makings of Trick Dog

Pic by @daynaga

The finished bar at Trick Dog


Trick Dog


Just a normal weekday night at Trick Dog


Trick Dog

Pic by @pafellarry9

The astrological cocktail menu, Trick Dog


Southern Pacific Brewering


Southern Pacific Brewing

Pic by @beerexplorer

21 Beers on Tap, Southern Pacific Brewing

Pic by @villiard

A crowded night at Southern Pacific


Southern Pacific Brewing


The lower deck at Southern Pacific Brewing

Pic by @camille512

Coconut Chicken Wings


Southern Pacific Brewing

Pic by @keaneiscool

The outdoor patio

Pic by @naynayfresh

The upper deck


Flour And Water


Flour and Water before the rush


Flour And Water


The bar at Flour + Water


Flour And Water


Got a reservation? Flour + Water


Flour And Water


In the kitchen @ Flour + Water


Making a masterpiece


Flour And Water


Expert chefs



Pic by @salumeriasf

The condiments selection at Salumeria




Expert butcher



Pic by @salumeriasf

Preparing sandwiches at Salumeria


Central Kitchen


Central Kitchen Staff


Central Kitchen

Pic by @sfjr

A busy evening at Central Kitchen




Outdoor seating at Salumeria

Pic by @craziecraze

Central Kitchen

Pic by @chisadolores

Southern Exposure


Southern Exposure Gallery


Artwork at Southern Exposure Gallery


Woodwork at Southern Exposure Gallery

Pic by @bunnycone

Mission Gulch