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Thanks to services like Hoteltonight and Airbnb, the tech world has given San Francisco travelers a multitude of options to rest their head. From giant international hotel chains to hipsters spare bedrooms, even the city's hotel accommodations are bursting with the image of innovation.

Its easy to get lost in the image of modernization and hipness that the Bay Area exudes. In all the hubbub of innovation and tech, we sometimes forget that this city is home to a rich history that spans hundreds of years. What originally established San Francisco as a premier place to visit, its history, landmarks and beautiful architecture have faded in the headlines, giving way to news about Iphone apps and luxury condo developments in the Mission. Yet there are a few landmarks that remain as beacon reminders of San Francisco's rich history.

One of these landmarks is the Queen Anne Hotel. Nestled amongst the grand Victorians at the top of Pac Heights, the Queen Anne is a luxurious gem that captures the quintessential essence of San Francisco grandeur. It remains the premier destination for travelers who want to experience a luxury hotel with an intriguing history.

It was during the late 1800s that San Francisco transformed into a major city. Mayor Adolph Sutro strived to turn the city into a Paris of the West, building architecture that rivaled the beauty of europe. Neighborhoods such as Western Addition, Haight-Ashbury and the Mission District were created. Victorian homes sprout up all across the bay. San Francisco grew to be a beacon of architectural beauty and culture.

It was during this time that a beautiful Victorian building was opened atop Pacific Heights called Miss Mary Lake's Finishing School for Girls. The school opened in 1890 and was praised in the San Francisco Newsletter for its “handsome and imposing entrance” and “stained glass work of the most artistic character.” It was a finishing school for girls prepped to enter San Francisco society.

The school narrowly survived the 1906 earthquake and fire and was later turned into a secretive and exclusive gentleman’s club named “the Cosmos”. Eventually the club was sold to the Episcopal Church and was rebuilt into a “Girls friendly Society Lodge.” It was sold in 1980 and finally re-emerged in its final reincarnation as the Queen Anne Hotel.

The owners quickly restored and rebuilt the Queen Anne into a luxury hotel. Brought up to code, sound proofed and expanded, the Queen Anne was restored to its original grandeur. Its detailed décor reflects its historic origins. A step into the lobby feels a lot like taking a step back in time to the Victorian era.

Upon entering guests are greeted by the concierge who sits at an antique concierge desk. Guests are leisurely escorted through the salon where they can sit beneath crystal chandeliers and sip sherry by the fireplace.

A grand staircase made of Spanish Cedar leads to the upper floors which were transformed from its dormitory state into romantic suites. A stained glass skylight lets sun shine through halls. This is the perfect place to dress up in a gown and do your best Mary Crawley of Downton Abbey impression of scowling while descending the grand staircase.

Situated atop the hill near the cable cars, guests can continue their tour through history by riding the cable cars down to Union Square. Finish off the night at prohibition themed bars such as Bourbon and Branch or Tradition to bring your journey through turn of the century San Francisco full circle.

In a city made famous for its gorgeous architecture, the Queen Anne remains the only hotel that can transport you through history. Why stay in a generic hotel chain when you can immerse yourself in unique San Francisco luxury?

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A building with a story to tell

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Curl up by the fireplace and indulge yourself

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Whimsical decor

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Take a step back into San Francisco's golden era

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The Parlor

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The hotel lobby boasts two main antiques. One of which is the vintage concierge desk.

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An antique telephone booth from the Episcopal Church


Queen Anne Hotel

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Detailed decor reflects the hotels rich history


Queen Anne Hotel

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The Grand Staircase

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Dancing through the halls