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To the disappointment of late night revelers, medical card holders, former New Yorkers and pretty much everyone else in this city, it's almost impossible to get a meal in San Francisco after 12 am. Tired of being hungry and stumbling out of El Rio at midnight? Fighting the munchies when almost everywhere has closed? Here are the best late night dining options in San Francisco. We've even got you covered by neighborhood. You're welcome. You can now stop complaining that this isn't New York.

The Castro Option - Orphan Andy's
3991 17th Street
A unicorn amongst SF restaurants Orphan Andy's is one of only a handful of eateries in the city that are open 24 hours a day every day of the week. Located at the corner of 17th Street and Castro this diner is great for late night revelers stumbling out onto the street after a night of dancing at one of the Castro's clubs. Best of all Orphan Andy's serves breakfast 24 hours a day. For a reasonable price between $10-$20 per meal, late night partiers can pull up a seat, eat french toast and watch the great residents of this city saunter by. Between the drunk people watching and the food its easy to see why Playboy named it one of its favorite late night diners in the country.
Ambiance: Old Fashioned Diner
Price: $10-$20
Open: 24 Hours, Every Day

The Tendernob/Nob Hill Option - Grubstake
1525 Pine Street
You know that a late night eatery is great when its patrons frequent it during all hours of operation. The best thing about Grubstake is not that it serves hot food til 4 in the morning (though that helps) but rather its selection of mouthwatering and authentic Portuguese fare. Try the popular Caldo Verde Soup a Portuguese stew made from kale, potatoes and linguica. Or pick up the Camarao com Molho de Alho aka fresh prawns sauteed with garlic. To top it off half of the restaurant is housed within a historic rail car that once served as transportation between Oakland and San Francisco. Truly a late night eatery we'd visit even at a reasonable hour.
Ambiance: Charming and cozy
Price: $10-$20
Open: Til 4 am

The Soma Option - DNA Pizza
371 11th Street
Sure one of the best things DNA Pizza has going for it is that its attached to San Francisco mainstay DNA Lounge but did we mention it's also open 24 hours a day every day of the week? Housed in a garage DNA Pizza might be the only place in the city where one can grab vegan pizza at 4 in the morning. Best times to visit are Sunday mornings at 1 am when you stumble out of Bootie SF dressed like a ballerina.
Ambiance: Garage filled with drunk people that smells like onions and cheese
Price: $10-$20
Open: 24 Hours, Every Day

The Union Square Option - Coco Bang
550 Taylor Street
Coco Bang is the place to go when you find yourself in the Tendernob/Union Square area at 1 in the morning with an insatiable craving for Korean Fried Chicken. You might even say that the ability to order Kimchee Fried Rice, Spicy Chicken Wings and Peach Soju at 3 in the morning is one of the reasons that San Francisco is one of the greatest cities in the world. Best time to visit: when you've partied and regretted it at Ruby Skye.
Ambiance: Local dinner joint
Price: $10-$30
Open: Until 4 am Fridays and Saturdays, Until 2 am Monday - Thursday

The Mission Option - El Farolito
2779 Mission Street
There's nothing like hot Carne Asada melted into a cheesy tortilla at any time of the day but the ability to get it at 1 in the morning secures El Farolito's status as one of the best taquerias in the city. Open until 2:30 am every morning, this unassuming hole in the wall is great place to stop in and bring your out of town guests any day of the week. Introduce them to the Mission Burrito and Poof! Lives changed.
Ambiance: Unassuming hole in the wall that smells like heaven
Price: Under $10
Open: Until 2:30 am every day

The Fillmore/Western Addition Option -Tommy's Joynt
1101 Geary Blvd
The place to go for meat lovers craving a midnight snack, Tommy's Joynt offers an array of delicious diner food until 2 am. Like a particular animal? Chances are they cook it here. Popular options include Buffalo Stew, BBQ Turkey Sloppy Joe, Braised Oxtail and Braised Lamb Shanks with Vegetables.
Ambiance: Old Fashioned Diner
Price: Under $10
Open: Until 2 am, Every Day

The Nob Hill Option - Bob's Donuts
1621 Polk Street
While most might not expect much from a late night bakery, Bob's Donuts proves that late night donuts can still be warm, fresh and deliciously sweet. The donuts here are to die for and you can order a giant donut the size of your head. Best of all you can order that giant donut at any time 24 hrs a day. Visit after a long night out at the bars on Polk Street.
Ambiance: Casual
Price: Under $10
Open: 24 Hours, Every Day

Don't live around these places? Just sniff until you find the bacon dog truck. Or maybe go to sleep.

Best Restaurants (or places to eat) in the area

Orphan Andys, Grubstake, DNA Pizza, Coco Bang, El Farolito, Tommy's Joynt, Bob's Donuts

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